Feature Request for Forum: "Thank You" or "Like" buttons.

Not to be confused with “Rate this Thread” feature.

Hi, I use a forum software called Kunena for a Joomla site that I maintain. I realize Unreal Engine is using vBulletin, so I have no idea if this is possible.

In Kunena, every user’s post has a “Thank You” button. When clicked, it will show a “The following users said thank you: …”

It would be cool if Unreal Engine forum had a similar feature, but instead of showing everyone’s names, it just showed a tally. “3 users liked this post” or “3 users said thank you” etc.

The reason this is good is because a lot of times, forum users will read a post, and they may like what was said, but may not follow up with a response expressing their approval. A simple “Thank you” or “Like” button would be easy to click and signify to forum members, admins, and epic that a particular post is carrying a significant amount of support… and would be an “at a glance” way to discern constructive posts with good feedback from less constructive ones.

To put to rest a few potential claims: No, this would not turn the forum into a social site like Facebook or reddit. This won’t affect the sorting of posts, nor will it affect the exposure of posts. Since it is only a “like” or a “thank you”, you cannot give negative rep to a post and change its public visibility. This will only serve as a visual aid to others that a certain post is liked by many people, which would be useful for more effectively gauging interest.

Hopefully vBulletin has a feature similar to this one, and if so… it should be enabled imo. :slight_smile:


as i know vBulletin supports that… or there a module for that lot of vBulletin forums use

Sounds like a good idea to me! There are so many posts that I’ve been reading that I really like and agree with but I don’t want to simply post: “Yeah, I agree with this.” :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 to this

I agree its a great feature and can show how many users like a certain post or maybe even dislike it.

I support it. It’s interesting to know how many people agree with certain posts in relation to others. Could help the UE devs (and everyone else) quickly discern which opinions are more popular. :cool: