[Feature Request] Foliage Groups

I’ve been working on a scene involving a lot of the foliage painting toolset. This scene here, specifically.

Anyway, one major problem I’ve had with the foliage toolset is that it lists all of the foliage meshes in use without any ordering or grouping tools. For example, in my scene, I’m using foliage for trees, grass, flowers and pebbles. I have 3 tree assets, 4 grass assets, 2 flower assets and 2 pebble assets. If I want to work just with trees, I have to scroll through the list and individually check on my trees, and also scroll down to check off my grass, flowers and pebbles, individually. This is especially a pain considering that every time UE4 starts up, it expands the painting data for every foliage asset, making the list even more cumbersome to scroll through.

So my suggestion is to implement a basic collapsible group function in the foliage UI. Let me make a Trees group, a flowers group, a grass group, ect, so that I can check them on an off without having to handle all of the mesh variations individually.

Take a look at this thread: Improvements for foliage mode - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile:

Awesome, this is exactly what I was thinking. Weird that the foliage tool improvements he’s talking about aren’t on the roadmap.