[Feature Request] Fix Blueprint Searching

I have a small complaint about the search feature in blueprints. If I type in a search query character for character, it does not usually pick the option that is an exact match.

For instance:

“Switch on Int” should automatically highlight the exact match “Switch on Int.” It should not automatically highlight “Switch on EPlaneConstraintAxisSetting.”

Yes, I realize that all words that I have entered are present in “Switch on EPlaneConstra int AxisSetting,” but it’s terribly annoying when I search for a node by exact name and quickly press enter only to be given the wrong node.

Please please please make it default to exact matches.

Completely agree. Visual Studio remembers which ones you use most often and puts them up top. So, for most of us, Switch on Int would be on top. But, if, for some odd reason, you find yourself using Switch on EplaneConstraintAxisSetting more, that would appear on top instead. So everyone wins. Call it “smart searching.”

This isnt limited to Switch either, I really wish more effort was taken to improve the UX of the BP context search as its something everyone using BPs in the engine would benefit from.