Feature request: Find Unused assets in project folder

If there was a feature that allowed us to deleted any unused assets in the project, that would do wonders for cleaning up
our projects. You could take this one step further and find duplicate assets.

There’s a Feature Request tag to the thread title you can select so people can filter :slight_smile:

Some things in this topic you may try:

You could go to “level” and select the Persistent level and select to migrate only the assets referenced by the Persistent

But yeah better CMS tools would be nice like being able to sort only used assets to a common folder. Assets still needs sorting but makes run time testing much easier.

Currently testing Asset Assistant’s auto consolidate feature, seems to work pretty straight forward. @FrankieV [USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] @Trandana @darkgaze

Unfortunately not working that great after awhile, starts to suggest merging unrelated files.