[Feature Request] Faded node history/reminders

It would be a tremendous help for people using blueprints to be able to see their changes in a visual way, because with the masses of node connections, it’s sometimes hard to remember where a connector went the last time you changed it. I’d suggest a progressively more transparent node connector the further it goes back in the history for each graph. (Maybe nodes you’ve changed as well?) Obviously a keypress toggle or an editor setting would need to accompany it for users who may not like it.

Just my thoughts after coming back hours or days to a graph I changed but didn’t comment/leave enough information behind, plus I’m forgetful.


Not to be rude, but this sort’ve sounds like a “you problem.” Just make more comments and leave more information behind, and maybe even take screenshots here and there, or make copies of your project, which is just a good practice in general. Also, maybe don’t leave until you’ve got something working because its easier going back and trying to figure out why it works, than why it doesn’t.

But, at the least, a Revision History sounds more appropriate, like Office Word.

But I’ve never seen an IDE with that feature, and reason is most likely good programmers are responsible programmers.

Many features in blueprint accommodate rapid development and prototyping, I think it would be in-line with the other features it already has. Being responsible during a prototyping stage is time consuming. But yeah, I was just trying to think of a way to make a revision history into a visual format that would integrate well with blueprints.

Hello,I’m trying to grab/get all of the actors (with a specific tag) around my main player character (perhaps in an array), and then select/grab/manipulate the closest actor with that given tag in C++.

The Reminders column updates every time a reminder is scheduled, they’re not in 'real time’. So if you edit an invoice, you’ll see the updated status only when Xero tries to send the next reminder. let’s see: mobdro & vidmate & showbox :slight_smile: .


I agreed with you zimou13.
Thanks for updating this stuff.


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