[Feature request] Expose the glyphs array (Static Mesh comps) through Text3D actor or component

Hi Epic!.
Please make it possible to access the glyph array TArray<UStaticMeshComponent*> CharacterMeshes; from blueprints and C++. Currently we got these methods as public:
int32 GetGlyphCount();

UStaticMeshComponent* GetGlyphMeshComponent(int32 Index);

But those are not blueprint callable and frankly speaking, not the straightforward to iterate on the glyph meshes. I tried to modify the code but when compiling via Modules->Recompile the compiler wrecks havoc with very weird errors like Text3DComponent not found etc.
The need is as follows:
I need to do two things on a text block in runtime:

  1. Generate tight bounds (for that I must run on the AABBs of every glyph mesh) .It would be nice if Epic could make it for me but I can do it myself :wink:
  2. I need to render to custom stencil the whole text block with the same stencil ID. So I must be able to access static mesh components to set the id.