Feature request: Expose MultiPlayer GameMode's Prelogin to Blueprints


For some reason only GameMode’s PostLogin is exposed to Blueprints and not Prelogin. I read some posts saying that PostLogin is enough, but this is NOT the case - PostLogin works after a user is already connected and PreLogin is actual authentication and disconnects them before.

It is basically like letting someone play on your accouunt THEN realize it’s not the account holder instead of checking authentication before.

For for a RL scenario to show how “dangerous” not having proper PreLogin is: similar to having a house and letting everyone in (lots of traffic/connections) and kicking them out one by one (after they possibly caused trouble/damage) vs. not letting them in at all so you can see there is quite difference.

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I totally agree. Additionally, this is also necessary for communicating to clients WHY they weren’t allowed to join a session.