[Feature request] Expanded Data Table Features

Hey there, data tables are great but feel unfinished. Take a look at some of my simple suggestions.

  1. Variable data table pin: When connecting a data table type on the “Get data table row” node to the input of a function from inside the function you get an error. So ideally I would be able to connect the data table pin to the function input so I can easily direct what type of table I want to use. For example “Item table” or “Armor table”.

  2. Name drop down: In the same situation as above you can use the “Get data table row” node to select a table and then the name variable get’s populated with the row names of the selected table, but if you connect the populated pin node to a function input it becomes a generic name variable pin instead of the populated name drop down. This goes against how all the other areas of the engine teach you to use it. If I had an enum inside the function hooked up to the input it would have a populated drop down regardless of if it was hooked up to the input or hard coded inside the function.

  3. Getting a populated list of row names in editor: Yes you can get row names then throw them into an array but I’d much prefer a node that let you (With variable pin) select a data table and then have a list of the row names populate.

  4. Referencing data table rows by index: I like that you can set the names that’s fine but for use cases like say a dialogue system I’d much just prefer to get the needed data from the table by sequentially going from index to index and not some hard coded naming system. I’m not sure if you can already do this but I feel like the option to be able to reference a row by index would help a lot. Any data table agnostic functionality is really what I’m looking for here.

I’m filing this under bug report also because I feel like the data table limitations cannot be intentional.