[FEATURE REQUEST] Event Graph Zoom Out Further


Can we get further zoom out in blueprint Event Graphs?

It doesn’t zoom out enough to fully see everything, even with collapsed nodes and all, really wish there was more zoom out… I just found something in my event graph that I didn’t even know existed, it was wayyy off in a corner in the event graph… things can get lost quick by mistake since there isn’t further levels of zoom…


Learn to Collapse Graphs, use Functions/Macros and compartmentalize in general.

Here are some Best Practices

Good luck!

I do. All of that.

Learn to read before typing.

Best of luck!

Edit* Didnt mean to seem rude, at least not more than you but you pratically just assumed I had no idea what I am doing in BP graphs… but you actually have no idea what I’m doing… my project is big, I collapse finished events but having works in progress collapsed just isnt pratical, we are supposed to be time efficient, if every little thing is compartamentalized it just wastes time especially if different functions are going to collaborate with one another having them visible all in one place is much better than going back and forth… I just can not see the Logic behind saying, No…as if there was no use case just because you’ve never had a use case…

You were being rude. I wasn’t. I was merely stating the obvious. I did read what you wrote and answered exactly how I wanted. Your reply stated that you knew how to use functions and macros, but that wasn’t in the original message. “Collapsed nodes” does not mean Collapsed Graphs (although I figured as much), Functions or Macros.

As for compartmentalizing, this has everything to do with efficiency and time. If you want to be faster, you should know where to look first/faster. If you have separate event graphs for different areas even better. So let’s say we have a Character Blueprint.

My typical setup would be this:

  • EventGraph (default)
  • InputGraph (for controls)
  • RPCGraph (for all multiplayer RPC calls)
  • "SpecificSystem"Graph

and a crapton of Functions. I’ve been in HUGE projects and have never ran into this issue.

Use the gameplay framework to your advantage also.
Use Actor Components
Use UObjects.

You are currently doing something terribly wrong. That’s not an opinion, but a matter of fact. I don’t know your experience level, but I’ve seen more than enough Blueprints over the years and there’s never been a use-case ever close for this need. You probably don’t need every bit of whatever you are doing in that one graph.

If you want, please hit me up on the forums via PM or Discord Chat: VictorBurgos#7534, I would love to see if I can help you out.

Thanks Victor, I actually did not know about making the different graphs instead of using one event graph, that solves any issue and seems to be a cleaner way of working with large scope bp’s. I really appreciate the advice.
Sorry for being rude, I had assumed you were, which is the problem with written messages (not being able to understand the tone in a 2d text message)…

Haha, don’t worry about it. Trust me… you aren’t the only one that thinks that. I just come off stronger than most people are used to I guess. Probably just apart of me now after serving in the Marine Corps for 12 years I suppose.

Found this via google, I wouldn’t mind a bit farther zoom out as well if it isn’t too large feat.

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I agree, it would be helpful if the graph zoomed out further. It is great how they now allow removing the information bubble.

Would definitely prefer a larger zoom distance, even with all the nifty organization tricks we can employ