[Feature Request] Error and Warn Message Node Number Display

I get thousands of…

[2015.04.29-01.39.03:432][ 72]LogScript:Warning: Accessed None 'K2Node_DynamicCast_AsSurvivor_BP2'
	SurvivorBPAnimation_C /Engine/Transient.World_5:PersistentLevel.SkeletalMeshActor_0.SkeletalMeshComponent0.SurvivorBPAnimation_C_155
	Function /Game/Blueprints/Survivor/SurvivorBPAnimation.SurvivorBPAnimation_C:ExecuteUbergraph_SurvivorBPAnimation:051C

Style messages if there is some None access or other error.
The part…


Is sooooo close to usefull, yet useless.

Feature: There needs to be a toggle to turn on the ID # of blueprint nodes so you can find the ID.
Like 051C above.

Better yet would be a ‘find node by number’ somewhere to take you to the node.