[FEATURE REQUEST] Epics interest in EmberGen?

Has Epic had any interest in the developing real time simulation engine EmberGen? The software generates real-time dynamic fire, smoke, and particle simulations and it doesn’t seem like the priority by the company that makes it is to integrate it into Unreal Engine. If these simulations were able to be directly integrated into Unreal Engine it would revolutionize the game and film uses of Unreal. The CEO has said they’re open to talking to Epic if they’re interested, unless Epic is already in development of their own real-time simulation solution. But being as the software exists and is already available I would expect Epic to have an interest in making Unreal users able to take advantage of this technology in the engine. If not, are there any plans by Epic regarding a real time simulation capability such as EmberGen?

Epic works on advanced simulation using Niagara. Importing Houdini simulations is also supported. And Epic even invested in SideFX :wink: