[Feature Request]Editable Class Default Tooltip Instances

It would be amazing to be able to set Tooltip data for data values that you can visualize by hovering over the value setting in the blueprint data field in addition to the existing Tooltip data on the member itself. This way designers can add a note about why a value is set how it is currently, or denote any contingent data that should also be set or referenced when adjusting this value. For example, in a Data Asset where you’ve assembled some character data you have a value called “Speed” and the Tooltip for the variable reads something like “How fast a character moves.” But the instance you’re working on is a tanky/slow character, it would be amazing if I could add a Tooltip to the Value box so when I hover over it I can make it read, “Tank should move slower than other characters.” so when someone tunes that value they can see the intention behind it, and change that note to represent how the design has changed as needed. This would help bridge the gap from old spreadsheet workflows where we could add description data and notes not cooked into the game as you get designers to convert to this data assets workflow.