[FEATURE REQUEST] Edge Selection Tools for BSPs

I know it might be too much to ask, giving Edge Selection tools for BSPs in UE4. But sometimes BSPs are used for a little more complex shapes, which at least till UE3, could even be converted to Static Meshes for optimization purposes too.

So could it be possible if the BSP editing mode might at least have Edge Ring Selection and Edge Loop Selection options, to enable quicker edge selection?

Also, is BSP to Static Mesh conversion coming back at all?


Hi Shashank,

I have entered a report for your feature request. BSPs will be under review soon for workflow improvements.


Glad to hear that! Thank you.


Dear Shashank,

Here is the most recent info on converting BSP to static mesh that I was able to find, a response from Epic:


#Edge Detect

Having done a lot of work with vertex selection and Static mesh actors and looked at the BSP code, I would not hold your breath for an edge detection system in UE4.

That sort of thing is faaaaaaaaaaaaar better handled by 3ds max or some other program, and you should just import Static Meshes.

Also note that Static Meshes are far more efficient than BSP as stated by Epic directly.



Use an external modeling program and import Static Mesh Actors, it is the clearly preferred route in all respects.

You should think of an external modelling program as mandatory for any serious UE4 game-making.


PS: here is link to my plugin for a new editor mode for Vertex Selection (no code compile required)

Oh, thanks for the BSP To Static Mesh link.

Secondly, I do know that BSPs cost a lot more than Meshes, as I too have written(optimization part). But I was just wondering if there could be a slight advancement in BSP editing. It does have extruding and slicing options, for example. Of course, though, you would know way more than me on what is feasible in handling in a Game Engine and what is not :slight_smile:

I do use Maya as well as 3Ds Max for all static meshes, but suppose I have to make a corridor with a shaped ceiling with a few edge loops to give it a good shape, and I choose to rather quickly make it with BSPs and align textures, than to model it, UV it and import it. There it can come in handy.

BTW, your plugin looks promising. Will check it out. :slight_smile: