(Feature request) done to all or set to all on mass imports and reimports

I often move files from one project to another I do it out of Unreal because it is faster than doing it through unreal and Unreal crashes a lot. I am very annoyed that the import will STOP and wait for me to hit done, especially since i set all models or setting exactly the same. If there were something like an apply to all button that would save a ton of time.

Thanks for the feedback - I’ve passed this request along to our team.

Also happens with .fbx files exported directly into content folders, you get a popup asking to import or import all, choose import all and you still get a dialog box for every .fbx file.

I’ve noticed that before too (when importing 1000 Mixamo animations at the same time etc). I think its an oversight though, as you can get around it: (click on Import-all, assign skeleton once, and its all done)… So does the green IMPORT button help here, or the popup confirmation that FBX are available, or another approach like right-clicking on the content browser → Import??? I forget now, but it is possible…