[Feature Request] Disable "Blueprint has been modified" message on PIE

I’m sure anyone here who works or has worked on a large project with a lot of Blueprints will have disabled Auto-Recompile on Play-In-Editor as it can easily add a minute of freezing to every PIE attempt. I know my entire team has anyway.

If Auto-Recompile is disabled, a message will appear every time you try to PIE if you’ve opened any Blueprint at any point (don’t even have to change anything). This message can be dismissed (as in, selecting No) by hitting Escape, but it’s still irritating to see it every single time I want to test something I changed in my BPs.

This is a fairly small annoyance, but one I run into several dozen times a day at work, and I’d like to request a option in the editor settings that disables this message so I don’t need to do the extra step of clicking No/hitting Escape every time I hit Play.