Feature Request: Disable Actors (Scene Outliner) and Reroute Node (Material Editor)


I’d like to see some features included in the Unreal Engine Editor.

1) Disable Actors (Scene Outliner): There is the ability to hide/show (using the eye icon) actors/folders in the scene outliner, but they are still spawned/rendered at runtime. In addition, there is the ability to not render actors (by enabling “actor hidden in game”), but they are still spawned at runtime and can be interacted with (i.e. collision). Ultimately, I want the ability to completely disable actors (selected via individual actor or folder) so that they’re not spawned or rendered at runtime. For example, I have a folder with 100 actors, I want to temporarily disable all of the actors without having to delete and then replace them again (which is unnecessarily time consuming).

2) Reroute Node (Material Editor): The reroute node is such a helpful feature in the Blueprint Editor and it’d be great to have it in the Material Editor (especially for complex materials).

3) Delete Folder and Contained Actors (Scene Outliner): Currently, when a directory/folder is deleted within the Scene Outliner, it only deletes the directory/folder and places all of the contained actors back in the root directory/folder (requiring manual deletion). It’d be great if there was an option to delete the directory/folder and all of the contained actors.

4) Blueprint Code/Node Indicator (Blueprint Editor): Currently, there is no indicator where Blueprint code/nodes may be located within the Blueprint Editor. From my understanding, the canvas is infinite in size, but zooming out doesn’t focus the contents. In other words, it’s possible to place Blueprint code/nodes so far out of the way (accidentally or otherwise) that it would be impossible to find.

5) Replicated Event Doesn’t Update (Blueprint Editor): Currently, if you create a custom event (i.e. “MyCustomEvent”) and then set it to replicate, the node won’t update until it has been renamed (again). In other words, if you set the name before replication, it doesn’t update. If you set replication before the name, it updates.

6) Select Variable Name Before Type (Blueprint Editor): Currently, if you create a new variable and name it before setting the type, it will reset the name. For example, if I create a new variable (which defaults to the name of “NewVar_0”), rename it to “MyVariable”, and then change the type, the name will reset to “NewVar_0”, which needs to be renamed a second time.

7) Resume Partial Engine Downloads (Epic Games Launcher): This was requested 10 months ago and it’s still an issue and major source of frustration. The problem is that the launcher doesn’t prevent the O/S (in my case, Windows 7) from going to sleep whilst a download is active. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if the downloads could be successfully resumed, but they can’t be, and have to be started again! Essentially, the “\Epic Games\Launcher\PatchStaging” directory has 10GB+ worth of junk data, because none of it is used to verify or resume downloads, and best of all, it’s not deleted so that it takes up valuable space on SSD installations unless you manually delete it.

8) Automatic “To String” Conversion (Blueprint Editor): In the same way that an automatic “to string” conversion is done when a boolean/float node connects to a string node, it would be great if this could be done for other data types (such as actor references).

9) Context Sensitivity For “Set Timer” (Blueprint Editor): Instead of having to manually type the function name into the “Set Timer” node (and introducing the possibility of typing errors), it would be great if there was a context sensitive menu (either drop-down or wire).

I’ve add some more feature suggestions to the original post (even though the original suggestions were ignored).

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