[Feature Request] Difficulties with FBX and textures/auto-assigning materials

I know that Unreal Engine 4 would
prefer to have the texture files
embedded in an FBX 2013 compatible
file. The difficulty is I prefer to
purchase my models online and most
all of them come with the textures
in the folder with the main file. I have several
vehicle models I had purchased with
hundreds of textures and parts. When I
import them into Unreal Engine 4 they
don’t assign the texture name to the
base color automatically. I have to go
in manually to every single material
and drag the matching texure in,
attach it to base color, and save. A lot of these models have other files like specular, diffuse, etc. But I have no idea how to assign those yet in UE4 yet, in Unity it just does it. I
do not use 3DS max at this time, and
am trying to learn blender. But I have also
noticed in Unity it will just
automatically attached all of those
textures and create materials out of
them for you when you import an FBX.

I would ask that UE4 automatically
create a material out of a texture if
it there is nothing attached on
import, automatically find the texture
file in the content browser with the exact same name that’s missing, and
create a material out of it and apply
it to the mesh. I would rather have it accidently apply the wrong texture than do nothing at all like it’s doing now. I know I technically
am supposed to use a third party
program and import my FBX with
textures then re-export as FBX 2013,
but that is an extremely long process
for a beginner. There are so many
hiccups and things that can go wrong
along the way. It’s just taking soo
much time every time I purchase a
model. I would consider it a bug at
this point. Please let me know if this is something that can be fixed to be less time consuming.

Edit: Basically I’m doing a lot of converting from other formats too (like PMD, PMX) but It would be great if UE4 automatically put the textures to a material and attached it, and then if it could embed into the FBX straight from UE4 that would be icing on the cake.

Just found the feature Unity has that UE4 does not appear to have. This is the feature that would make life so much easier for me that I believe I am describing above: Imgur: The magic of the Internet