[Feature Request] DepthPriorityGroups Equivalent in UE4

Hi All,

I’ve posted about this on AnswerHub, but haven’t received any replies, so at the risk of spamming, I’m posting a thread here as well.

I know that DepthPriorityGroups have been removed, and the feedback from developers so far has been that it’s gone for good. Now, I’m not specifically asking for DepthPriorityGroups, but the problem that I would like to solve is forcing a skeletal mesh (and other meshes which might be attached to it) to render in front of other elements (like world geometry and particles (in some cases)), whilst allowing vertices on the same mesh to occlude other vertices further away from the camera. In my case, this is for weapons and arms attached to the camera, especially for melee weapons.

I’ve looked at workarounds, but none have solved the issue so far:

  1. Scaling down the models so they fit in the Character’s collision capsule. This is not a viable workaround for melee weapons which use traces between socket locations, or any other form of collision detection which is dependent on the mesh’s real world coordinates.

  2. Using animations to prevent the mesh from clipping into geometry. It requires aborting animations whilst attacking, and it just breaks immersion. Also, it is a very time-consuming and unstable approach, and again, is not viable for melee weapons.

  3. Using postprocess effects on the mesh materials. I have managed to get the meshes to render in front by using translucency, but the results are bad. E.g. the player can see sides of the mesh that should be occluded by parts of that same mesh which are closer to the camera, as well as e.g. an attached sword which sometimes render in front of the arm, which obviously does not work.

  4. Using an “overlay” mesh for display purposes whilst hiding the mesh on which the traces are done.
    This was probably the worst idea of the lot, as it’s pretty much impossible to get it looking right, scaling and positioning the overlay mesh, and all of that without having access to setting the FOV on a mesh (as we could in UE3).

I’d hate to sound like a whining twerp, but this is really a big problem for us (making a first person game focusing on melee combat).

Thanks very much for reading in any case.