[FEATURE REQUEST] Depth_of_view selection

I would love to see a feature in UE4 so that you are able to select what object you want in your depth of view. Here is an example: As you can see in this picture that only the gun when aiming down sights is blurred. Notice how nothing else is blurred but the gun scope. This would be a welcomed added feature if Epic were to do this to enhance First Person Shooters immersion.

Use a RenderTarget or just a simple Transparent Material that samples SceneTexture multiple times to blur it.

To my understanding you can’t only blur specific things though. The way it is now is you can set the blur to depth of view on close items and far things seem clear but everything else is blurred in front. There is no way to blur just the gun and unblurr the scope camera. Right now if you set the blur it will blur both the scope view camera and all other things close to your face. What I am asking is for it to blur only certain things you want in your FOV.