[Feature Request] Custom Shape for UMG Background Blur

It’s more an improvement of the existing blur widget. In some games using this kind of blur (like Watch Dogs 2), you can see that some elements have a circular shape. Unreal Engine should have this feature. Moreover, the blur widget already has problems in render transform : it’s impossible to shear or rotate the widget, it’s always a rectangle !

Is there a way to make it a circle yet?


Being able to apply the blur to an image with an alpha channel or creating custom spline shapes would also be amazing.

I’d also love to be able to specify a mask for the blur. Please make this happen.

Over two years and this STILL is not a thing…

Hear, hear!

Couldn’t agree more! Just run into this problem - I’m making glass looking UMG menu and it looks great so far - but have to stick to rectangles and that pains my heart.

Did you solve it?