[Feature Request] Custom new map

Wish I could create not only Default, **VR-Basic **and Empty Level

But you can :wink:
Simply save one of your maps as “MyTemplate” and copy it every time you need to quickly start work on new map.
You could built-in Developers folder to store such maps :slight_smile:

You can change the Startup Map in your project Settings.

Oh yeah, and put the shortcut on the desktop you forget ~_~

We already have a WHOLE pop-up window, someone must to keep going develop it further, as well as other small usability things. Without them, the using of the UE4 becomes a pain in the butt, almost like 3Dsmax.

I do not want changing defaults, which are useful in some cases

Yeah, custom template maps would be a useful feature. +1.

Of course there are workarounds (particularly easy ones in this case) but that’s not a good reason to not have a feature!