[Feature Request] Custom Crash Handler Design Editor


as everyone is pretty much aware, Answer Hub is littered with a lot of end users from UE4 games asking questions, and 99% of the time those questions don’t belong here and community is unable to help them (Aside from forwarding them to correct channels)

Almost all of those people come here because Unreal Engine’s standart crash handler forwards them here, and %99.9 of the times community has to forward them back to correct channels.

Highest offender in this case is Fortnite, because its by far the most popular one.

I know that it is possible to create a custom crash handler using C++, but there are a lot of developers who create wonders with blueprints who can’t use C++ properly.

What i would like to see is an editor similar to UI designer, that developers can actually completely customize and end-users are forwarded to their help channel or contact page, instead of AnswerHub.

I’d like to bump this up once more before im letting this die :frowning: