[Feature Request] Create multiple tabs of one editor utility widget

Currently, when pressing “Run” on the editor utility widget, there can only be one tab. If you have the widget opened already and try to run again, it will just focus on the one that’s been opened already. I’m creating an editor utility widget that will have the functionality to pop out the current actor that’s being edited in a new window, but since there is a restriction by there being only 1 tab per editor utility widget, that cannot be done by just creating a new tab of the same type. If there is some workaround on opening the same widget in a new tab, I’d be grateful for the insight on how to do it, otherwise having multiple tabs per one widget in the engine would also be great.

A workaround I thought of, would be to dynamically duplicate the EUW in the content browser and open them up, when you close each one you’d do a cleanup of the now unused EUW asset in the content browser. Since they have different names they should open in new tabs each time, is what I’m thinking.