[Feature Request] Create blueprint from C++ class option

Hi, I have an idea for a simple option to ease the creation of C++ classes derived blueprints.

In the same way you can right click a blueprint in the content browser and select ‘create blueprint class based on this’, or a C++ class and select ‘create C++ class derived from <Class Name>’, it would be nice to have an option to right click on a C++ class and select ‘Create blueprint class based on this’.

This would potentially be easier than having to search through all the classes to find the one you want.

Thats not really possible, regardless of UE4 fancy magic C++ is still C++, not a scripting language. In the past there was myth flying around in UE4 community that blueprint generates C++, which is false, blueprint is compiled to virtual machine code which based on it, run time code in engine execute call to native code. C++ is a code that is compiled to machine code (machine-readable assembler you could say) which is directly executed by CPU when you run your code (thats why it crashes instead of giving you error when something goes wrong). Blueprints don’t exist in that space, thats why there no way to call anything from C++ to Blueprint with just simple function call, you would need to make a function that does that and then call that function (which is what UHT generates when you use ImplementableEvent) and thats just simpler issue, because blueprint as C++ class don’t exist either, it exists as instance of UBlueprint or UClass and because they are not C++ class you can’t inherit from it, or rather there no way standard compiler would able to do that.

, thats why it does nto exist in machine code space.

Hi, I understand the differences between C++, Blueprints and other scripted languages. I probably didn’t explain my request that well sorry.

What I mean is it would nice to have a quick shortcut in the C++ classes section of the content viewer to create a Blueprint that extends a given C++ class (that is blueprintable). This would be no different (I imagine) from going ‘Add New’ -> ‘Blueprint Class’ -> ‘All Classes’ and searching for the class you want to extend in blueprint.

It would just be nice to have shortcut as when you’ve created a C++ base which you extend with lots of different Blueprint implementations the list of classes in the Pick Parent Class box with matches becomes longer and longer (assuming you’ve named them all something similar).

I believe what you’re asking for exists in 4.8

Ah ok sorry :slight_smile: that sounds like nice feature, also would be nice to be done also in “Class Viewer” (if it’s not already done?)