[Feature Request] Couple of Custom Event Annoyances in BP

While working on iTween for UE4, I’ve come across some stuff I’d like to see.

  1. iTween for Blueprints is event-based and has a lot of options, so it has a lot of inputs. This makes the custom event node quite large, so users will have to “collapse nodes” on the iTween event to get them much smaller. I’d like to see some way of collapsing certain parts of the event node, akin to category foldouts. So in the image below, I could put “Location To”, “Location From”, “Motion Constraints”, “Is Local”, and “Sweep” in one category called “Motion” and collapse those inputs into a foldout arrow. Then I could do the same for other inputs of familiar types. I just want to reduce the size of the event without compromising any options.

  2. When I create a new input in an event that I want to group with other inputs, I have to go unfold the input parameters and click the up arrow, fold up the currently unfolded one (which is now the input below it) then unfold the same input above to move it up again. Repeat ad nauseum. I’d love to see some drag-and-drop functionality for reordering events, or even take the move arrows out of the foldout so we don’t have to unfold the input to move them. Or maybe the above solution could make reordering a non-issue since it would automatically put the input in the correct foldout category.

Please, peas, and thank you!