[FEATURE REQUEST] Copy the C++ Snippet of a Blueprint Node

As far as I understood, BP Nodes are just C++ snippets.
Please make it possible to copy this C++ Snippet.
It would really help Coding newbs (like me).
For example, I tried doing a delay but I just don’t get it to work.
Being able to copy the code for this would be really usefull!

Thanks for reading,

They are not snippits but represent calls to C++ funtions (most nodes are C++ funtions, those nodes are single funtion call) so you cant reconstruct the code from it, some nodes are UK2Node classes. I think there was idea to make editor open funtion from source code you can see it, theres also snippits in API refrence.

Hi Captncaps,

As Shadowriver said, Blueprints don’t compile down to C++ but to an internal bytecode representation. Have a look at this post for more details:

Michael Noland

Another useful tool if you build the editor yourself is the ‘Goto code definition’ menu option in the right click menu for any BP node that is a direct function call:

However, the Delay node you mentioned above is a latent action that has more machinery to make it work and run over multiple frames. Try out Timers instead if you are working in C++ and want to do something later on.

Michael Noland

Thanks @Michael Noland for the tips :slight_smile:
Also I tried timers, but they didn’t work for me.
I’ll ask on answerhub :3