Feature Request: Copy Project

When starting a new project, our company frequently uses an old project as a base to get up and running, then adds/removes pieces to suit the new project. In this case, I would like to copy ShooterGame to get all the networked multi-player functionality, then rename everything to FooGame. In an engine with text-based file formats, I might be able to accomplish a mass copy-rename operation myself with a simple script. In UE, the blueprints seem averse to text replacements, perhaps because they rely on stored file sizes or hashes. Consequently, if I copy the entire directory and rename all the C++ classes, the blueprints will require manual fix-up to work (even the ActiveClassRedirects don’t always seem to do it). My ideal would be to have a “Copy Project” option for creating a new project, (essentially using any existing project as a template), which would rename C++ files and classes and fix up copied blueprint references.

As has been suggested elsewhere, a possible alternative would be to allow porting of individual assets using a target project name and directory, in which case I would create a new blank project, then copy all the content of ShooterGame over, and migrate all the C++ source myself.

what about “clone project” in the launcher which already exists, and works as you describe

Trying that out (we’ve been building from source and haven’t used the launcher, since we have engine edits), it looks like that’s 80% there, I would just ideally want file/class renaming in addition to directory fixups