[feature request] convert event to function (and back) & add pin to top of sequence

convert event to function / function to event - it’d be nice if we could quickly do this in blueprint, id be ok with things that couldnt being migrated being removed, but just settings the basics setup faster would be nice - or perhaps “duplicate as event”

add pin to top of sequence - when i want to add functionality and i add a pin, sometimes i need to rewire a bunch of pins, would be nice if i could insert at top, or insert at N - or perhaps being able to put the sequence into a “ordering mode” where i can drag sort the pin numbers (i.e move the new one on the bottom to the top"


To be 100% sure - you know, we already have options “Collapse to Function” and “Collapse to Macro”, right? :slight_smile:

Only “function to event” conversion isn’t possible.

Function-to-Event is logistically a bit more complex than the other way around, since functions (unlike events) can have return values and local variables.