[Feature Request] Construction script for UMG

Hey everybody!
When working with UMG, I found out that it would be extremly useful to have a construction script, like the one in Blueprints, for UMG. For example, I have a UI_Button widget, where I exposed a “Color” variable. Inside, the color is applied to the button (it could also be done with UMG variable binding). So, if I drag my UI_Button inside my main widget, I can change the color in it’s Details, but I can’t see a visual result unless I playtest the widget. It would be great if it would either

  • Update the widget and the variable bindings so the color updates when I bound the variable to the button


  • Have a full working construction script which is executed once I compile the main widget.

I hope you understood what I mean :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

This is now available in 4.16 :slight_smile: (Event Pre Construct in the widget’s Event Graph)

Oh yeah, you’re right! Awesome thanks :smiley:

It’s available in 4.16 for now, so I’ll close this.