[FEATURE REQUEST] Consider moving some UI to the front

There are some setting buried in context menus or way down in Details panels that would be nice to have easier/quicker access to.
An example of what works is the eye next to the items in World Outliner. Click to hide the item in the editor, click again to see it again. Quick, easy and obvious what state its in even though it’s also reachable as a context menu.

In World outliner other items that would be nice to have a tiny icon to toggle on and off: Visible (which applies to the actual render) and Lock Actor (buried under multiple context levels but useful to prevent accidently moving background or something you don’t want moved.

Other examples are tracks in Sequencer. For anyone whose used Premiere or other video editor they have Enable/Disable, Solo, Mute, etc. buttons on each track to quickly check and do certain actions. Unreal has these as well but buried in a context menu.