[feature request] complete blueprint view!

Greeetings EPIC,

From playing around with great sprawing blueprints I’ve found that the maximum zoom out just sometimes isn’t enough, zoom:-12 I think.

I think it would be awesome if there was a feature to give a complete view displaying every node in a blueprint to see it all at once. I understand it would be very impractical and fiddly to make the nodes editable in this view unless you have a 200" monitor, but being able to even just see a view of the whole blueprint with comment box labels would be awesome for helping with spacial awareness and blueprint organisation!

Oh, and if you could make this an update to 4.16 that would be extra awesome!

Hope you guys look into this!


That’s not how updates work here :wink:
Every major version receives only small patches. Few severe issues are addressed and… that’s it. There’s no new features after official release like 4.15.0, 4.16.0.
You always need to wait for the next major release to get new toys. And if you see 4.17 Preview, it means they’re only stabilizing engine before the next major release and you can’t expect any new features implemented.
Which means… if Epic dev would accept your request today, you won’t see it before 4.18 :wink: