[FEATURE REQUEST] Change the way Collapsed Nodes look

Node ReDesign.png

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve found the gradient design of the nodes to go against the minimalist flat design the rest of the engine has.
It also makes it harder to tell what the colors are, so color coding really isn’t helpful.

Because of this, I never use them, or if I do, I color them completely black.

It would be nice to have more control over the colors, or at least be able to change the background color as well,
like we can with the window editing in the new 4.16 version.

I think they did this so you don’t think a regular node is a collapsed node. I like it how it is tbh.
it distinguishes the 2 from eachother.

Totally agree! Please give us more options to customize the look and color of all Nodes!
Especially for Custom Events etc. Its not helpful only having this for collapsed nodes only etc.
Collapsed notes aren’t special anyway, they often just lead to obfuscating code far too much!

But one workaround is to place a high-color-contrast-comment around key nodes (set A=0).
Then ‘Tick Bubble’ color and zoom out. If you’re consistent with color coding it really helps!!!
However it still suffers one incredibly annoying limitation that Epic refuses to fix, namely this!

(BTW:Add Editor / Project options, so nothing is broken for devs who like things as they are)!

I don’t think that’s the case, because nodes only have colored headers. But this goes back to me saying it should be an option.

Change the “front” color, and then the background color, like you can with the window headers. And maybe even have a tick that
will force the background to match the front.

With this new version it makes it easier to color code the collapsed nodes and see from a distance. As you can see, yellow, green and orange
all look very similar, and same with blue and purple.

TL;DR: Making it an option from one style to another makes everyone happy.

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Is there an easy way of doing that, or am I gonna have to take it down and add a new one?

Wait or try and ask Mods for help with a mention like this:

@fighter5347 @darthviper107

Okay, thanks!

Yeah, I definitely agree there should be a way to have it stay where it is, and I should be the one to out of my way to get the new color,
and having it as an option menu is a great idea!

I do use comments, but I don’t have any color convention yet, but thing this they only help group stuff but they don’t give any abstraction,
Like Functions and Macros do. But, thing with those, is that now you’re stuck with them forever in your blueprint, so nodes are cool
Because they let you abstract things you’re only gonna use once. And you can always promote it to a function/macro if you decide otherwise.

Because, as with that picture you’ve shown, comments can still get pretty messy, especially from afar.

bump. anyone else?

[MENTION=2289]Michael Noland[/MENTION]

Any thoughts Mike?

I’ve been thinking the same thing! Definitely want this in somehow, maybe just as an option, like Willard has said.

bump again

Found a place where you can change this: In your ue4 install folder under “\Engine\Content\Editor\Slate\Graph” change the “CollapsedNode_Body_ColorSpill.png” image to a full white image. You might also want to round the corners with transparency. Still having a look at adding colors to all nodes, will post here if I find a way (it will likely be part of my Blueprint Assist Plugin).



Cool! … Thanks for sharing this info @fpwong!
And yes changing all nodes would be stellar!!!

The Engine has a minimalist flat design? Where?

The engine can be much flatter for me, but still, the gradient is far more gradient based then anywhere else in the engine and feels misplaced.

I think Collapsed Graphs could look like normal Functions or Macros if you ask me.
In the end they are just like that minus the reusability.

Oh wow!! This is even more minimalist than I had in mind! Thanks!
And double thanks for showing me where I can change a bunch of other images around too (;