[Feature Request] Change Background Color of Editor

Dear Friends at Epic,

There are some very nice Editor customization options, I especially enjoy the key re-binding, thanks!

I must say tho, gray is not favorite color, I would love to change the entire color scheme of the editor using the same customization menu :slight_smile:

Given what I’ve heard of Slate and looked at, adding an option to change the background color scheme editor wide might be just a 10 minute endeavor!

Being able to change default text color, editor-wide to compliment background adjustment would be very nice as well :slight_smile:



Hi Rama,

Thank you for your feedback. I can confirm that we have plans to allow users to set custom colors for text, background and other UI. Be watching out for updates in future Engine News.



woohoo thanks Alexander!


I’ll just leave this here

Is there a way to change Unreal 4 editor UI background color ? I tried to search settings in Edit->Editor Preferences but could not find any … — No, there is not, Unreal is always in black background…
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