[feature request] Carving out a cave/mine

A system for carving out a cave / mine would be great.

Can’t you do this in landscape using sculpt with Remove instead of Add selected?

A landscape can’t have overhangs, so you would have to punch holes in your landscape(which is possible), and then attach the cave as a Static Mesh under that hole… or use a bunch of static meshes to build the cave… just like that cave example(I know it doesn’t use a landscape, but the process of building a cave is the same).

The landscape doesn’t support caves for performance reasons, but it supports holes so you can make caves anyway.

I doubt they can make a cave function directly in the landscape editor.

As far as I can see, the remove tool removes an entire block of terrain, instead of “etching” some of it away. Can you tell me the exact steps to make that feature to work, if it exists at all?

Ok, thanks for clearing that up.

Look here for how to make holes in your landscape:

And here for the material you need to do it: