[FEATURE REQUEST] Can you add code scripting capabilities?

Hi there,

I find what you have done with UE4 really great, well done guys !

However, I find that the only two ways of defining game mechanics (Blueprints, C++) are somewhat a bit extreme. I would like to see more traditional scripting capabilities using Python, for instance, that would allow to change the game mechanics via code without having to recompile the whole project and close the Editor during the building process.

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I would not expect Epic to implement this, but somebody else can do that over time :slight_smile: I didn’t seen any Python implementation affords so far, but currently there 2 languages implementation projects in community that i know of.

  • First one JavaScript made by , he implemented Google’s V8
    JS engine (one used in Chrome) to
    unreal, it’s very experiemntal for now
  • 2nd is C#, there huge demand on this
    one spawning lot of hot C++ vs C#
    debates on forums :stuck_out_tongue: But efforts here
    looks a lot more promising, some team
    is working on C# support together
    with editor intgration allowing to
    edit code inside the editor in
    similar way to blueprints :slight_smile: They plan to release it in June

They might be good substitute for python, if you think not, i think you could spawn discussion about python implementation on forums, maybe somebody will be interested to do so

Today the languages and editors aren’t as important, if you have an understanding of the difference in how these things work, and are comfortable in that language you want to use, it’s probably something that you could create a project for, if you learn the 2 languages then convert and have a plugin in the main base language with stream reader/writers and some processing/parsing or you have access to the base compiler, such as any modern version of .net being installed, the base compilers are already installed on the Windows based system, in your case you’d need the Python base or set the core to read stream and convert. I kinda wished there were VB.Net language option, but I’m becoming more familiar with Blueprints and the base language implementation is flexible enough as it is to allow even custom scripting left up to the imagination. I hope this makes sense.

A script is nothing more than an interpreted program.