Feature Request: Can the Editor Output Log have a filter like the Message Log?

The Message Log window has a filter, load errors, etc. I’d be great if the Output Log window also had some filters - A type filter (Log*) and level (Log/Warning/Error/Fatal.) Thanks!

Hi TTaM,

Thank you for your request. We will take this into consideration for future releases.



I fully agree, this would be SUPER useful, upvoted!

Any news about this ?

I would love to see this. It’s a pain to scroll around 11k messages to find the ones that actually prevent you from packaging the game, I had to write s script for that.

Any kind of filtering would be nice, or at least a search.

This is still relevant. Filtering the output log would be tremendously useful.

I think this is super useful thing to have and I do not understand why it is consideration :slight_smile: Consider it serious request then. If you log a lot of data it get super cluttered. If we are able to define custom log category what purpose it does serve if I can’t filter it out??? Maybe I’m only missing something here… Duno.