[Feature Request] Can i import a curve from Maya into a Float Curve?

I noticed that in an animation i can import a custom attribute as a curve from ie. Maya. But is there a way to get a Float Curve populated by an import file in a similar way? The only option i see i have, is to create a Float Curve and then right click it and press reimport and there the only format i can choose is Audio Amplitude Curve (*.as). Am i missing something or is this the only option i have? Would it be possible to enable copying of keys from the animation curve to a Float Curve?

I’ve moved this question to Bug reports in hope that someone from staff will notice it. This would give a big extra flexibility to be able to get a custom FCurve from external programs like Maya/MotionBuilder.

This would be great. +1

This would be amazing for using In Place animations and taking the root motion curve data from Maya to drive those In Place animations.