[Feature Request] Can I add more cursor categories?

Now I know how to make my own custom mouse cursor and use it.

But i need a lot more types of mouses!

Is there a way to add more ?

I tried adding more in the .ini file but nothing changed :confused:

please anyone ?

There’s some code mentioned in this thread:

That shows how to do it by modifying the engine.

If you don’t need hardware cursors you can set the cursor to invisible and draw a texture under the mouse position.

I’ve looked for a better way to do this myself. I tried using the tick function within a widget set as a cursor to modify its current image based on observed state, but the engine crashes during the render thread so I don’t know if this method would ever work, maybe you’ll have better luck.

Thanks for replying,

I can replace the existing mouse cursors easily, I just need to add more categories