[FEATURE REQUEST] Camera Vertical Tilt Correction in Camera Setting

hi epic developers !

how we can have (Vertical Tilt Correction) or (two point perspective) in ue4 ?

we have ArchViz Camera (Fantastic Perspective) by AzazKamaz in marketplace that is plugin and It does not works in preview version !!!

and its hard to enable it for every projects and using this plugin

can epic add this feature as default in-engine that work without additional plugin ??? like vray ???


if it happen we dont need to enable plugin for every project !!!

it will be easy to use


Second this request :slight_smile:

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I’d setup a project to use as your base project that gets cloned for any new projects. You could setup all your plug ins, default content, and default settings.

please add this to ue4

Can someone explain please what the difference between tilt correction and setting the Y rotation to 0.0 is? - I always wanted to know that. Cheers

It allows, in practice, shifting up or down the horizon line keeping verticals at right angle.

Thanks, so if I set the camera Y rotation to 0.00 and then move the camera position up or down wouldn’t that be exactly the same? Or does tilt correction do something to the actual image taken?

It’s not the same, that way you’ll end up with an horizon line always at middle frame height. Rotating camera Y and applying tilt correction will let you move it up or down.

I want this feature too !
Infact i saw the same feature in Twinmotion

Oh, why i can’t find “Automatic Vertical Tilt” in my camera options?