[Feature Request] - Button for copying morph name


Is it possible to make buttons “Copy morph name to clipboard” near morph names in this window?


Or, can you to make field with name with selectable text, to select and copy morph name to clipboard with click in the field with morph name, CTRL+A, CTRL+C.

Thank you!

Hi ,

For consistency, I’ve gone ahead and entered a feature request for this(UE-33242), but the request is to add it to the right click menu for morph targets. This way the functionality mirrors the behavior in the tree (Right Click>Copy Selected Bone Names).

Thank you!

Can I ask you to made this issue (UE-33242) public available?

I tried to found it Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-33242), but it’s not public issue:

Unknown Issue
We’re unable to find any record of this issue. It’s possible this issue just hasn’t been made public yet. If this issue was reported in the community, please request on AnswerHub or Unreal Developer Network if you would like to see the details of this issue become public.

Should be available now. Also, just to note, your link puts a comma at the end, so you’ll need to search for it or remove the comma.

Thank you, it works!