[FEATURE REQUEST] Bulk Renaming & Search and Replace names

As far as I know there still isn’t a bulk renaming option aka multiple files renaming at the same time.
I’ve seen previous requests but there were old and others were told to open new requests since they were showing up late to those threads, so here’s a new one.

So youd select multiple items, and instead of *rename being greyed out, “bulk rename” or similar is there instead. Then you fill out the info. Regular “Rename” would have quick rename or extra option box to search/replace

Prefix:(the begining of string)
(end of string)
Search For: _________
Replace With:________

increment on save(checkbox on/off. If on then "digits will be available)
digits:___(3=001, 4=0001, etc.)

Just throwing it out there again since it would be very handy at times.

Hi there,

I have created the plugin Multi Objects Renaming Tool (MORT):
It supports Content Browser and World Outliner and you can use function “Rename and Numerate” as you wish.

Just watch the video: