[Feature Request] Bulk Rename Objects with prefix and suffix functionality

The oldest feature request I can find on this goes six years back. It’s been revisited numerous times. It’s great that there are third party community solutions, but will we ever please be able to get native bulk renaming functionality into UE? It can be absolutely maddening when you have to rename dozens of objects, even if simply adding a suffix or prefix.

It is complicated and multiplied by each of the specific time-consuming details involved with renaming objects:

  • it requires selecting the object, then a delayed single click on the object name (or right-clicking and selecting Rename).
  • the full name of the object does not show up, which means you must search through the name by scrolling and navigate to the part of the name you want to change.
  • This is complicated by the fact that names cannot include spaces, which means using Ctrl+left/right skips only to the beginning or end of the name.
  • Reference re-association wait time is broken up into per-asset waits.
  • The assets, when renamed, reorganize themselves to alphabetical order, often offsetting where the next asset you plan to rename moves.

Each of these are small but compounding issues that lead to a process that is incredibly tedious and can be frustrating when you need to do a lot quickly, like duplicating a set of assets for use with a different material, and in order to maintain naming conventions and clarity, you have to set out renaming each asset.

Please, please, please hear us on this.