Feature Request: Blueprint Save Slot List

I recently built my own function to do this including sub folders but i was surprised there was no blueprint node to get a list of save slots, it seems to me like a list of saved games would be a fairly common thing to use.

I’ve included the code I used in case anyone wants to use it.

bool USaveSlotsList::GetFileList(TArray<FString>& Files, FString Path, FString Folder, FString Ext)
	bool PathFound = true;
	//get a new file manager
	IFileManager& FileManager = IFileManager::Get();
	//if path string doesnt exist or the directory doesnt exist
	if (Path.Len() < 1 || !FileManager.DirectoryExists(Path.GetCharArray().GetData()))
		//get the default user path
		Path = FPaths::ConvertRelativePathToFull(FPaths::GameSavedDir());
		Path = Path + "/SaveGames";
		PathFound = false;

	//if there is a folder
	if (Folder.Len() > 0)
		//check if the path ends with / or \ 
		if (Path.EndsWith("/") || Path.EndsWith("\\"))
			//if it does add the folder
			Path = Path + Folder;
			//if it doesnt add / and the folder
			Path = Path + "/" + Folder;

	//if there is no path (should never happen at this point) exit the function
	if (Path.Len() < 1) return false;

	//find out what file extension we are looking for
	if (Ext == "")
		Ext = "*.*";
		Ext = (Ext.Left(1) == ".") ? "*" + Ext : "*." + Ext;

	FString FinalPath = Path + "/" + Ext;
	//find all files in the folder with the desired file extension
	FileManager.FindFiles(Files, *FinalPath, true, false);
	//return true only if the path specified existed
	return PathFound;