[Feature Request] Blueprint Notes

Hey everyone,

I’m currently working on group based project consisting of 30 developers with all different skill sets. About 6-8 of us have to create or add to blueprint scripts that make up the game. I recently had then idea of assigning a colour to each person and then having them set their comments to that colour, so everyone could see who worked on what (in case a system needed to be altered, it would then be easier to ask the person who worked on it). Although this has now improved our communication amongst the team, I think it can be improved even more (and even for those working on solo projects).

It would be fantastic if in editor, you could right-click on a node or comment and have the option to add a note. A person could then easily write anything they want about a system or section of code. This would be great for teams since a developer could explain what is happening in their code, why it exists or why they think it’s broken. Notes may also be useful to attach to a file (any file type, e.g. blueprint, material, texture). This way you could have a small or large bit of text that explains what the files purpose is.

Kind Regards


As I am sure you are aware, you already have the ability to comment code using coment nodes. Also, if you expand most variables/functions/nodes there is a field there for comments as well. Given that all this functionality exists, and has since at least 4.5, I am not really certain what additional comment code you are looking for. Any details you add in the comment fields for variables/functions show up when you do mouseovers, even in the context menus.