[feature request] Blueprint little improvement idea

I don’t know if this was asked before, but…
Blueprint could have an option for adding Flags into the Comments options, and another windows with a list of those flags. This would work just like “Find Variable References”, and by clicking on a Flag, Blueprint would go to that comment flaged.
This would help a lot for Blueprints too big, like mine is. :wink:

No one would like to have this? Right now, because I have a very big blueprint area used, I need to keep jumping around in that area. So, I have to zoom out ( -12 for max zoom ) , then I need to drag the mouse until I find the area that I need. Then I need to go back…
It would be very nice if we could jump between flagged areas, or flagged comments, by clicking on a list of comments, and have the blueprint to jump to that comment.

Please, add this! Something very simple to do, and very helpful.

Sounds like a useful idea to me!

We plan on adding a bookmark system to Blueprints at some point in the future, though I don’t know what the current priority is.

For right now, you can approximate this using comments and the search system though. Add a fairly unique tag to your comments and search for that, something like QQ:MyTag. Searching for QQ will pull up all of the ‘bookmarks’ that you made.

Michael Noland

Thanks, using the search system for this is helping. :slight_smile:
But with the search system, this bookmarking feature is almost there. Just add a new windows that will hold a list of every comment that have a tag, and that is it. :wink:

Also, would it be possible to give more zoom to blueprints? I would like to be able to go until -20, instead of just -12.