[Feature Request] Blueprint Link "Disable" Option

Something that would be a nice little feature would be something like CryEngine flowgraphs have where you can right click on a link and set it to “disabled”. Essentially, when it’s disabled, it has no functionality, but remains linked for visual purposes. This is nice for testing features where you don’t want to break a link, but want to leave a feature disabled, with the ability to easily reuse it without having to remember where it plugged into. It also shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

In CryEngine, the disabled feature is visually conveyed by making the line dotted instead of solid, that would probably work well for UE4 as well. Certainly not a critical feature, but it would be a cool thing to have. I’m not sure if this is posted in the right place, if not, please move it.

Yeah I don’t think it’s exactly important, just a nice touch to have, having used CryEngine 3 for a long time, I miss that and the ruler tool the most.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply.

AFAIK the Feature Requests are supposed to be posted into the “Everything else” section, but doesn’t matter much. Well, it doesn’t sound like a very often useful feature, but would be a nice touch. But it could be harder to implement that you can have executable lines going to multiple next steps at the same time, even if they can be disabled.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your request. A feature request to deactivate or “comment out” nodes has already been added to our system as UE-12270. Unfortunately, it contains sensitive information so it cannot be uploaded to the public issue tracker at this time.