[FEATURE REQUEST] Blueprint editor

Coming from Houdini, several things could be done in the node editor to make it more user friendly
1-shaking nodes to disconnect them
2- keyboard shortcuts to automatically align, and center the entire node tree without selecting any nodes
3-right click connectors to delete, instead of having to double click first

I’d appreciate a pass over all the nodes to more or less make it so they align better. I don’t have hard examples but there are plenty of nodes (all array nodes iirc, branches…) where the pins are just unnecessarily higher or lower than the vast majority. Another solution may just be a polish QOL pass on how aligning nodes works. Just make it easier via a keyboard shortcut and much more obvious as to which node will get moved. Also, maybe allowing the pin locations to be moved, hidden, ect. ? Kind of extreme but it’s a thought. And definitely pick up that one guy’s blueprint plugin thing. It looked great for organization.