Feature request - Blocking Volume rendering options in editor


There is an issue that is seriously constraining productivity for me. This is the way Blocking Volumes are rendered in the editor.
I have complex geometry and i am trying to setup my blocking volumes.

Unfortunetly its a extremely slow process because i have no visual ques to go on.
For example
[shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]

As you can see there is no visual aid to establish where that face is actually intersecting the mesh.
Making it impossible for me to tell what is going on.

Something like this would be much appreciated.

As you can see it is extremely clear what im working with here. I can tell if my face is intersection and where. Allowing me to make decisions quickly without the need to spend 20 minutes panning, zooming and rotation to try and figure out where the face is intersecting the mesh.

Thank you for reading.