[Feature Request] Blender Object Relative Pivot Point Import FBX/OBJ

Hi, everyone.
I’m new here and I’m not entirely sure whether it’s a Blender non support or UE4 non Support, but this was bothering me for a while now.
All objects pivot points, are not being used by UE4, instead it uses Scene’s center. That really sucks especially if you want to keep such objects as lockpicks or tree segments in a single file. I know that I really should reset location on export, but this still should be supported, thanks in advance!

This is pretty standard in terms of how game engines handle pivot points: it’s 0,0,0 (world center) in all cases.

As far as workflow in blender goes, you can still keep all your meshes in the same .blend file if you like: make use of multiple scenes and store things on different scene layers to make it easier to organize. Hope that helps.

Thanks, but didn’t UDK handled it properly? o.O I might be wrong.