Feature Request: Auto Exposure Off By Default

Auto exposure is a feature that is cool when used in certain situations and can be great for polish. However, it being on by default is a great hindrance to any new project though. If a new user is getting started in the engine it can be confusing to have the lighting shifting around due to a visual effect that isn’t necessary/bothersome for general work. In most cases people will disable it or set it fixed at log 0 so the lighting is more consistent while working.

Therefore, I think it would be more beneficial to have it disabled by default just to save the inevitable frustration that many users will face while troubleshooting. Also, it will save us from a comon irritation of having to disable it every time a new project is created.

P.S. I’m aware that there may be an .ini file within the launcher binary’s config directory that you can access to force this option to be off by default. This isn’t really a viable solution for the average user for which I am making this post.

Thank you for your consideration.